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Camino Renal Care – Participating in the Medicare Comprehensive Kidney Care Contracting Model

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Camino Renal Care

Camino Renal Care is a Kidney Contracting Entity owned by Balboa Nephrology Medical Group, formed to participate in the Medicare sponsored Comprehensive Kidney Care Contracting Model. This model is focused on late stage chronic kidney disease care and increasing home dialysis and transplantation.

We are serving aligned Medicare Beneficiaries in San Diego County, Imperial County and Orange County.


Terry Behrend, M.D., Balboa Nephrology Medical Group
Amar Patel, M.D., Balboa Nephrology Medical Group

Glenn Davis, Balboa United
Bijal Patel, M.D., Balboa Nephrology Medical Group




Camino Renal Care is partnering with Medicare in the Kidney Care Choices Model.


Kidney Care Choices educates patients about kidney disease and manages care by providing resources.


Kidney Care Choices can support the transition onto dialysis and helps throughout the transplant process.


Your provider choices aren’t limited and your Medicare benefits do not change.

Our Mission: Your Care

Working Together With Medicare

Camino Renal Care brings together the talents of Balboa Nephrology Medical Group, Fresenius Kidney Care, Sharp Memorial Hospital Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Center and LightBridge Medical Associates to manage and improve care for our Medicare beneficiaries.

Through this innovative Medicare program these providers will collaborate to delay the on-set of dialysis for Chronic Kidney Disease beneficiaries, increase the number of beneficiaries dialyzing at home and increase kidney transplants.

Participating beneficiaries have access to a variety of educational and care resources to help them on their kidney care journey, along with patient to patient mentoring services provided by ReMend.



Experience the peace of mind that comes with having an entire team of healthcare professionals there for you any time.

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Kidney Care Choices Participants

Participating Physicians, NPs and PAs

Balboa Nephrology Medical Group, Inc
Abraham Daneshvar, P.A.
Adam Horeish, M.D.
Ajit Sawhney, M.D.
Alan Cantillep, M.D.
Alexander Salloum, M.D.
Amar Patel, M.D.
Amy Matayoshi, M.D.
Angelica Camargo Lowthers, N.P.
Arman Faravardeh, M.D.
Bijal Patel, M.D.
Daniel Leininger, D.O.
Danielle McCallion, N.P.
David Namazy, M.D.
Dimitri Sherev, M.D.
Dylan Steer, M.D.
Elizabeth Lozada-Pastorio, M.D.
Enjoli Spaulding, N.P.
Fharak Maa Chip, M.D.
George Fadda, M.D.
Guy Lund, M.D.
Jason Davis, M.D.
Jeffrey Halldorson, M.D.
Jennifer Olesco, N.P.
Jessica Cruz Whitley, M.D.
Jill Meyer, M.D.
John Hammes, M.D.
John Thompson, M.D.
John Videen, M.D.
Joseph Hebreo, M.D.
Joshua Greenstein, M.D.
Juan Calderon Molina, M.D.
Karo Torosian, D.O.
Kathy Khaing, M.D.
Lalitha Durairaj, M.D.
Luan Do, M.D.
Lucy Miller, M.D.
Mark Boiskin, M.D.
Mark Shapiro, M.D.
Marquis Hart, M.D.
Melanie Braytenbah (Akins), N.P.
Michael Floied, P.A.
Mohammed Neyaz, D.O.
Naing Kyaw, M.D.
Nasim Shahbazi, M.D.
Oday Saeed, M.D.
Osman Khawar, M.D.
Ramin Berenji, M.D.
Ricardo Soltero, M.D.
Sajeet Sawhney, M.D.
Sandeep Dang, M.D.
Shahid Hussain, M.D.
Sina Rahimi, D.O.
Tagumpay Sacamay, M.D.
Talar Kharadjian, M.D.
Tepsiri Chongkrairatanakul, M.D.
Terry Behrend, M.D.
Thanh Cao, D.O.
Viet Nguyen, M.D.
Yan Zhong, M.D.
Yogita Lakhera, M.D.

Participating Organization

Sharp Memorial Hospital – Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program

Dialysis Facilities

Fresenius-Balboa East County
Fresenius-Balboa Kearny Mesa Dialysis Center
Fresenius-Balboa Marina Bay
Fresenius-Balboa South Bay Home Therapies
Fresenius-Buena Creek
Fresenius-Calexico Desert Dialysis
Fresenius-Chula Vista Dialysis Center-South
Fresenius-Dialysis Services of College
Fresenius-Dialysis Services of Paradise
Fresenius-East Lakes
Fresenius-El Centro Desert Valley Dialysis Center
Fresenius-Gateway Dialysis Center-East
Fresenius-Hillcrest Dialysis
Fresenius-Huntington Beach
Fresenius-Imperial County
Fresenius-Imperial Valley Home Therapies
Fresenius-La Jolla
Fresenius-La Mesa Dialysis Center
Fresenius-Mission Viejo
Fresenius-National City Dialysis Center
Fresenius-Newport Mesa Dialysis Services
Fresenius-Newport Superior Dialysis Center
Fresenius-North Coast Kidney Center
Fresenius-Rai-East First Street-Tustin
Fresenius-Rai-Fletcher Parkway-El Cajon
Fresenius-Rai-Fountain Valley Home
Fresenius-Rai-Laguna Canyon-Irvine
Fresenius-Rai-Newhope-Fountain Valley
Fresenius-San Ysidro Dialysis Center
Fresenius-Santa Ana Dialysis
Fresenius-University Dialysis Center of Orange
Fresenius-Rai-Mission Gorge San Diego

Quality Measure Reporting

The TQS is based on the KCE’s performance on quality measures and is scored on a 0 to 100 scale.

Total Quality Score

  • Performance Year 2022: 87.5%
  • Performance Year 2023: Not Yet Available
Shared Savings and Shared Losses Reporting

Shared Savings/Shared Losses

  • Performance Year 2022:
    (We look forward to sharing our results when data are available.)
  • Performance Year 2023:
    (We look forward to sharing our results when data are available.)
Shared Savings Distribution

Shared Savings/Shared Losses

  • Performance Year 2022 Shared Savings Investments:
    (We look forward to sharing our results for Performance Year 2022 when shared savings/losses and quality data are available.)
  • Performance Year 2023 Shared Savings Investments: 
    (We look forward to sharing our results for Performance Year 2023 when shared savings/losses and quality data are available.)

Performance Year 2022 and 2023 distribution of Shared Savings to KCE Participants and Preferred Providers: We look forward to sharing our results for Performance Year 2022/2023 when shared savings/losses and quality data is available

Evergreen Nephrology offers the following compliance reporting channels to the KCE:

Compliance and Ethics Helpline, 24 hours / 7 days:

Fax: 833-750-2946